Loose Trolleys Close Up



Take a good look at your own trolleys. With a few exceptions they are not the image you would choose for yourself or the club and what your members and visitors see can reflect badly on you and the excellent services you offer. Without exception when you install our trolleys the response from everybody at the club is positive and the benefits they bring include a tidier and more efficient profit centre for you…..AND TO KEEP THEM EVEN TIDIER THEY’RE NOW AVAILABLE IN A HOLDING RAIL (see photo)!


Loose trolley benefits for the club or pro 

- No upfront costs except delivery

- Stainless steel trolleys mean no rust

- No trolley replacement costs during contract period

- Hires will increase, often by more than double

- No more complaints about old, rusty pull trolleys

- No more handles going ‘missing’

- No more complaints from the members about untidy trolleys

- Reduced wear on the course and less damage to the environment

- A positive response from the visitors and members

- Trolleys can be available outside shop hours


Loose trolley benefits for the golfer

- Top quality stainless steel hire trolleys – every time

- Attractive stainless steel that is clean, light, strong and perfectly balanced
- Designed to accommodate all bag sizes without the use of straps

- Superior wheel bearings make for a smoother, easier round

- Golfers travel in one car, save on fuel and use your trolleys

- An improvement in levels of fitness which helps improve the golf
- A trolley which golfers are happy to use and recommend


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